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Protect Your Household- Sanitizer Plus Series

Water-Right’s Sanitizer Plus Series water conditioners have a proven history of treating problem water.  As Water-Right’s first self chlorinating water conditioner, they remain one of the most innovative and effective systems in the market today.   The sanitizer is umatched in removing hardness, iron and manganese while raising low pH levels – all in a single pass.  All of this helps ensure protection of your household from staining, scale and mineral deposits, while maintaining the benefits of soft water.


When armed with the right tools – media, control valve, chlorine generator and the Water-Right company itself, no other water treatment solution can compare in features or performance.  Protect your home and your family with the best.


Sanitizer Plus Series water treatment systems combine patented self-chlorinating technology with advanced electronics to perform like four units in one – softening, removing iron and manganese, and raising low pH levels.  This self sanitizing system also controls odors caused by nuisance bacteria and minor sulfur conditions.


•Exclusive Crystal-Right media to remove hardness, iron and manganese, correct pH and control odor

•Patented self chlorinator technology for bacteria control

•Single Unit Operation – no chemicals or added equipment

•Visual and audible “Check Salt” indicator

•Extended lithium battery backup

•Overrun capcity protection

•Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” programming – saves salt and water

•Advanced history and diagnostic screens

Remember: we customize the way we work and the equipment we use to meet your specific needs. Whatever the challenges, we’re prepared to get you the best results humanly possible!

24 hour emergency service is available